Bidonio is a multitude of services to help you on a daily basis.
Our goal is to provide you with alternative tools and services to Google and Facebook without advertising and marketing your data.
We are constantly working on the ergonomics of our interfaces. We want it to be simple, fast and efficient.
At the top of the page or application, you have a large colored button. This button is our Launcher, it allows you to switch between our different tools and services at any time.
Notification Center
We have created a more complete notification center that groups your friends, your calendar, your tasks and many other functionalities.
Theme & Color
We know that today it is important for you that the interface is customizable, we have integrated the dark mode into all of our tools and services.
An alternative search engine without data collection and promotional link. We have added functionality for you to comment, like and rate websites.
You have a list of friends and contacts. You can add, remove or block as many people as you want. With a simple click, share content or send them messages.
We provide you with a free trusted email out of the clutches of Gmail and Hotmail. For pros you will no longer need services like MailGun which costs a fortune to send emails to our users.
Easily temporarily share your files between two devices or with friends, family and colleagues. You have an "Upload" button at the top of the site and in 2 clicks you have a sharing link.
Our services soon available.
Bidonio is still in development version (Alfa version). Here is what we will add in the Bidonio. The following services will be a priority for us.
An alternative instant messaging to Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. You can send messages or create your newsgroups. We have fun ideas for features that will be added.
We want to create a social network different from Facebook, Twitter and others. Your feed will be divided into several very distinct categories for example: family, friends and co-workers. We want a more mature and intelligent social network and not an infinite scrolling in an image box.
You will be able to create or join groups. In groups, you will have a news feed, a photo gallery, instant messaging and other features. We want you to be able to use it in your private life as well as your professional life.
We will create pages for personalities, associations, companies and others. We will integrate features like the news feed, shop, contact and also features to better communicate with your community.
We are going to create a tool specialized in video games. You will have an equivalent to Twitch and Discord. Each game and each streamer will have a page and community.
We want to create an event system where you can organize your gatherings easily. We want to create a tool that will allow you to organize your events, activities, holidays and even your work meetings with ease.
We will recreate Tinder, but without the impression of being on a trade site with a kissable button or not. We will try to make it more human.
We are going to create a tool to help you in the job search. It's going to be cool looking for work now. You will soon know more;)
You will surely understand it, you will be able to exchange, exchange, bid and sell. Real estate, cars, objects and even services.
We will create a password manager for you. Our password manager is based on our own encryption algorithm.
We are going to create a photo album for you, we want to make it so practical and collaborative with new classification methods. We will never do Machine Learning with your data.
You will have a storage cloud. We want you to be able to backup your data and also share it between various devices easily.
We want you to be able to create notes on the Bidonio as easily as file sharing. We will integrate a note taking system directly into our launcher.
We will add a private and collaborative calendar / agenda in the Bidonio. So you can organize your work plan or reminders easily. This is why we have already integrated it into the notification center, we want you to always have an eye on your planning.
We will add a private and collaborative task manager with final features like Trello.
Room will be a meeting room or a virtual audience where we provide you with tools to better organize you. The objective is to save you a lot of time in your professional or educational activities.
We will add a poll and vote system. This tool is rather basic, but we will greatly need it in Bidonio.
You will be able to add your favorite websites directly on the first page of Bidonio. With a simple click or swipe up you will have access to your preferred links.
We will create a player (video player) for you to play your videos in your cloud and also a collaborative tool like YouTube.
We will create a player (audio player) for you to play your music in your cloud and also a collaborative tool like SoundCloud. We hope in the future to be able to provide you with an alternative to Spotify.
Images will be an artistic gallery which will allow you to share wallpapers or free images for the community of graphic designers and webmasters.
We will create a gallery to reference your applications. Regardless of their operating system, you can add your creations and download links to it. We will add comment, like and evaluation mechanisms to it.
We will try to create tools for our creative friends. Think of it as a Tipeee or a KickStarter.
We would like to include the weather on the first page. It is always nice to have this information on a daily basis.
Our ideas for the very long term.
The following services and tools are under study. They do not have priority ...
We will try to create mapping tools like Google Map for you. It is surely one of the most complicated achievements and it is clearly not in our priorities.
We would like to use DeepL and integrate it into our services. DeepL is a company in Cologne, Germany specialized in translation and has an artificial intelligence that becomes really badass.
We will try to create a calculator for you that will convert currency, volume, length, mass, temperature, energy, area, speed, hour and power.