Help us !
Our goal is simple, to create alternatives to Google, Facebook and others while respecting you and our economic and social system. It is important to recognize above all that these companies and these leaders have created wonderful tools that we use on a daily basis. But today unfortunately these companies that we see as allies are also our biggest enemies. These companies have never operated in accordance with our social and economic mode, it cheats, it manipulates and it not only steals from governments, but also your privacy.
Why ?
I am saturated with being manipulated, used, marketed by unscrupulous companies that are taking our rights away from us. We do not want to wake up one morning subject to sovereignty in the colors of Google, Facebook and others ...
How ?
We are not just going to redo what they created, but we are going to add our values ​​to it. We will rebuild all of their services, but without including advertising and without marketing your privacy.
Paid ?
There are no quick fixes, Bidonio is based on a profitable business model. But we are not here to generate insane profits. Our prices are and will always be calculated in a dynamic and minimalist way.
Dynamic price ?
If the Bidonio incurs profits, we automatically recalculate the monthly value of our subscriptions downwards. You will therefore understand that we generate very little profit and that it is not impossible that Bidonio will one day become a completely free service.
European ?
The Bidonio is of Belgian nationality. Our infrastructures are hosted in Europe. We are European and we apply and will apply to European regulations.
Democracy ?
A total democracy, the important actions and important modifications linked to our tools and services, will be voted by the community.
Honesty ?
Le Bidonio undertakes not to exercise tax evasion and will pay the taxes in the consumer's country.