Looking for an alternative to Google Photos, Facebook, and Instagram ?
With Bidonio, it's easy: back up and organize your photos and videos, then securely share them with your family and friends through a private social network, ensuring the privacy of your memories.
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Exhausted by social networks saturated with ads and frivolous content, while lacking genuine human connections ?
At Bidonio, we've created a haven of positivity for you, your family, and your friends. Showcase the precious moments of your life through your photos and videos, strengthen the bonds already woven with your loved ones, and enjoy an authentic experience free from ads, while safeguarding your privacy.
An online storage space to preserve your precious memories.
We have created an online storage space for your photos and videos, while preserving your privacy. No intrusive artificial intelligence, no use of your personal data for advertising purposes. Organize your photos precisely into albums by people, places, or pets. Each person, place, or pet has its dedicated album.
When you add photos or videos, they are placed in a 'to sort' folder. This is when you can use a powerful sorting tool to organize them, all without relying on artificial intelligence.
Powerful search filters help you find friends in specific locations or with other friends. Additionally, enjoy features like a comprehensive and accurate timeline to track a person's evolution over time.
Bring your photos to life by adding messages, emojis, and stickers to share your emotions with loved ones or to remember them. You and your loved ones can also comment on them and give them a like.
Your source files are backed up. Every time you send us photos or videos, we preserve the original files. This means that if you decide to download them again, you'll retrieve the source files.
Easily share with great precision.
Your important moments deserve to be shared with the right people. That's why we've created a friends list that allows you to categorize your contacts into groups such as family, friends, acquaintances, or business contacts. This makes sharing quicker and more precise, without the hassle of determining who has the privilege to see your precious moments.
Selective Mode: Based on your preferences, selective sharing automatically sends all your photos and videos to a specific category of friends, while protecting those you've marked as private. It's perfect for sharing, for instance, all your photos with your spouse or family members.
Private Mode: Privacy is paramount. When you enable Private Mode, you have complete control over who can view your precious photos and videos. A simple click is all it takes to make your content private, making it accessible only to individuals you manually select. It's a quick and effective way to safeguard your privacy, ensuring that only your chosen friends and loved ones have access to your memories.
Friends Mode: Simplicity is at the core of this sharing mode. When you select Friends Mode, your photos and videos are automatically shared with all the people who are your friends on Bidonio. This means you don't have to worry about manually selecting recipients. Your special moments are instantly accessible to everyone within your circle of friends.
Public Mode: Whether you're a public figure or just want to share something amazing with everyone, the public mode makes your content visible to all Bidonio members. If you share something truly great, we'll feature it for those looking to enrich their news feed.
Manual Sharing: At any time, you have the option to choose with whom to share a photo, video, album, person, place, or even a pet. You can do this in a specific manner with a particular person or by using a link (URL) to invite people who are not yet members of Bidonio.
💕 A superb day
A social network filled with positive vibes.
Our social network is designed to strengthen the existing bonds you have with your friends. You have total control over your news feed. You can customize it with a single click to make it unique. You can choose to follow a specific person's content or opt for a more diverse experience by adding posts from the Bidonio community. This makes our social network even more enjoyable for those who desire it.
With a single click, customize your feed by choosing from multiple display modes. The Stories mode is similar to TikTok, the Classic mode is closer to Facebook and Instagram, and the Tiles mode resembles more of a photo gallery.
Choose precisely who you want to see in your news feed. You have full control to follow or unfollow certain people in your feed without having to sever your friendships.
Enrich your news feed with a single click. While Bidonio is designed as a private social network, you have the option to enhance it by following public posts from other users.
Engage with the content: for every photo or video, you have the option to leave comments and express your support by clicking the 'Like' button.
With a single click, you can copy photos and videos from your friends to add them to your personal collection of photos and videos. This mechanism is designed to streamline and speed up the backup process.
Practical tools to enhance your user experience.
Bidonio has its own private messaging system, allowing you to stay in touch with your loved ones without the need for an intermediary app.
Don't miss any birthdays: we notify you of upcoming birthdays in the next 30 days, whether the person is a Bidonio user or part of your collection of photos and videos.
With a single click, create a link or QR code, allowing your friends or others to send you photos and videos during events, such as a wedding, for example.
We've included a simple to-do list to assist you with your daily reminders, if needed. While it may not be very advanced, it can also double as a shopping list.
Easily export all your photos, videos, albums, people, places, and pets to your computer using our backup tool. This way, you are free to stop using our service at any time without your memories being held hostage.
With us, you are a customer, not a product !
Bidonio is a pay-as-you-go service, but it is completely free for viewing. In other words, you only pay if you want to take advantage of online storage for your photos and videos. Our goal is not to maximize our revenue, which is why we offer a very competitive rate. Additionally, this offer includes unlimited storage for your photos and videos.
3.99 €/ Month
Or 42.75 euros per year.
Try Bidonio for yourself, the first 3 months are free.

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