With Bidonio, we offer our services as alternatives to those of Google Photos, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Our priority is to provide you with useful services, without ads and without malicious use of your personal data, all in a simple and unique application.
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Store, organize, and share your photos and videos with our specially designed photo cloud. We have created a multitude of tools to help you sort them properly.
Drop Box
If you are organizing an event and you want to collect photos and videos taken by participants, simply create a link to gather them easily and without any hassle.
Store your files directly in our cloud. We have designed it to be fast and simple, to keep you from being scattered across multiple applications.
We have designed a small password manager if you need one. It is based on a modern AES algorithm and has a custom key.
To stay connected with your family, loved ones, and local community.
Private Social Network
We have designed a dedicated social network for you to securely share your photos and memories with your loved ones privately.
Public Social Network
We have created a public social network based on proximity and keywords. This social feed is only chronological and displays local content as well as content from accounts you follow.
We have designed a small and user-friendly private messaging system so that you can communicate with everyone, including your friends and loved ones.
Liking photos, videos, and posts from your loved ones is easy on our platform. We have designed a unique like system, where each like gives you ownership rights over the element. Even if you stop following your friends, you will still keep your highlights.
You can comment on photos, videos, and posts from your loved ones as well as your own. A small smiley or a nice word can have a positive effect on the mood of your loved ones.
When your loved ones and friends share photos or videos, you can easily make a copy and add it directly to your personal collection with just a click.
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