Join us in our quest for more ethical and more human technology.
Tired of the control exerted by web giants, we have chosen to take back control of our digital lives.
Tired of constantly having to fight to protect our privacy, we have taken anger as fuel to create alternatives, shelters where users are respected, where intrusive advertisements and data collection for marketing purposes are banned.
Our Applications
Discover what we have already rebuilt and our future projects.
We aim to create alternative applications that are respectful, useful, and ad-free, excluding any use for promotional or marketing purposes.
We have created a social network, a place to store your photos and videos, a space for your files, a messaging platform for private or group discussions, and other services are currently in development.
To begin with, where are your data ?
Tired of enduring the monopolistic grip of the GAFAM on our data, we have taken a stand by choosing different paths. Unlike those who offer alternatives while remaining dependent on big tech services, we have decided to break free from the chains that bind us. At Bidonio, we have made the bold choice to use data centers located far from the shadow of the GAFAM. We have opted for a European provider who shares our values, with a philosophy similar to ours.
Therefore, Bidonio is hosted by OvhCloud, a provider with an extensive network of data centers worldwide. We have made the bet for independence by using dedicated servers and hardware exclusively reserved for our services. At OvhCloud, our infrastructure is in good hands in case of hardware issues, while we focus on software development, maintenance, and redundancy of our services.
At Bidonio, we assert our sovereignty over our data. Even our provider has no right to oversee what we store or process. Join us in our pursuit of digital freedom, where our technological choices are guided by the desire to protect the privacy of our users, far from the voracious eyes of tech giants.
You are no longer the product nor a guinea pig !
Gone are the days when you were the product. At Bidonio, that era is over and will never return! When you choose Bidonio, you opt for a paid service that elevates you to the status of a customer, a king, an individual with rights and legitimate demands! At Bidonio, our commitment to you translates into absolute respect for your privacy.
That's why our service is paid: to ensure that you will never be bombarded by intrusive ads in our applications. We categorically reject any form of technological tracking aimed at analyzing your behavior to better target ads. But our commitment doesn't stop there!
We are committed to never sharing your data with third parties without your prior consent. To start on clear and transparent grounds, we exclude any use of artificial intelligence external to our services. Furthermore, we pledge to never resort to machine learning techniques based on your data without your explicit consent.
At Bidonio, you're not just a file in a database. You're not a subject for experimentation with obscure sorting algorithms, as might be the case on Google Photos. With us, your privacy is sacred and will always be protected with the utmost rigor. Join us in our commitment to a digital experience that's respectful and ethical, where your trust is our absolute priority!
It's paying for a comfortable life, but not for Bidonio to become a rich company !
At Bidonio, our company is built on ethical principles that firmly oppose the idea of becoming a big tech corporation. We reject the mindset of perpetual pursuit of wealth, disregarding ethical or humanitarian values.
We find the idea of bank accounts overflowing with billions while people sleep on concrete just steps away from our workplaces inconceivable. We firmly reject this vision of a world divided between a super-rich elite, often disconnected from reality, and a hard-working class struggling for daily survival.
It is high time to remind the industry giants that when the most vulnerable go hungry, the very nature of society could shift. Even a gilded cage cannot protect those besieged by a determined populace.
At Bidonio, we refuse to partake in this relentless race towards wealth accumulation at the expense of humanity. We believe in a model where prosperity is shared equitably, where everyone has access to dignified opportunities, and where values of solidarity and respect for others prevail. Join us in our fight for a fairer, more balanced, and more humane world.
European but not sovereign !
At Bidonio, we are not a sovereign national alternative, tied to a single region or a single European country like Belgium or France. Our vision extends far beyond national borders and regional identities. Our goal is global, universal: we aspire to establish equality among all individuals as human beings.
We do not seek to cooperate with a single government or submit to the regulation of a single country. Currently, we are still considering the best way to achieve this ambitious goal. We aspire for Bidonio to be subject to global regulation, where the voice of every country matters in our decisions, just as that of our users and subscribers.
Let's imagine a system where important decisions, such as the approval of content like soft and non-degrading nudity, would be subject to a vote. This vote would require a majority of positive votes from both governments and users subscribed to our paid services. This is how we envision an authentic and fair democratic process.
Of course, we are aware that realizing this vision will be complex and fraught with challenges. But why not try to build something fair and truly democratic? At Bidonio, we are determined to pursue this path, even if it is difficult, because we firmly believe in a world where universal values of respect, equality, and democracy are at the heart of every decision.
A relentless work !
Sometimes, we feel like we're the only ones crazy enough to embark on this adventure. Achieving what we aspire to requires rethinking and almost entirely rebuilding the tools we use every day. It's essential to remember that there's a life behind every person, and recreating seemingly simple services like Google Photos or Facebook can be a Herculean task. Moreover, we're not just copying what already exists, with all the associated problems.
Let's take TikTok as an example: technically and technologically, it's impressive, but ethically, it leaves much to be desired. It's simply absurd, and even the cleverest struggle to distinguish stupidity from reality. It's a hellish machine, as both individuals and companies can make money from it, fueling this type of problematic content.
That's why our social network, for example, doesn't allow making money and doesn't offer any content promotion. You only follow what you want to see, and you have to take the initiative to follow a company or a person. On our part, we are committed to ensuring that no broadcaster, whether a company or an individual, can go viral, let alone through an advertising campaign.
For instance, our content suggestions are completely random and are not influenced by the number of subscribers or likes. Suggestions are simply limited to country, region, and language. Why country, region, and language? Because we want to promote content more randomly, prioritizing local over international. For example, Taylor Swift won't exist on Bidonio unless you choose to follow her voluntarily.
In return, we have created the World news feed, which is based on reputable media and offers content that is certainly more promotional or marketing-oriented. But with just one click, you can bypass suggestions and follow only your own trends using hashtags. The goal of World is to give you access to news, but not to function like Twitter where news is filtered by an average user. Here, you are in direct contact with real media outlets, which we can contact in case of serious issues, or even initiate legal proceedings to ensure they fully assume their responsibilities.
The right to publish in World is subject to numerous restrictions and requires significant expertise or experience in the field. For example, if you're a young blogger with less than a year of experience, access may be unlikely unless you have truly exceptional content.
The security, blah blah blah !
Security is a term thrown around by everyone. At Bidonio, we don't promise the impossible. Let's be realistic, issues will arise sooner or later. Nobody, and no company, is infallible. However, that doesn't mean we take security lightly.
At Bidonio, we ensure not to commercialize or share your data with third-party companies, significantly reducing the risk of information leakage. Additionally, Bidonio does not allow any website, robot, or script to access our services via tools (APIs). We have deliberately chosen not to offer this type of service to prevent data leakage issues. However, it's important to acknowledge that we are all subject to errors and misfortune in life.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are promising technologies, but their use in services like Google Photos can seem chaotic. Ultimately, only humans can truly organize their memories. Google uses these memories to improve its own services, but it may not necessarily bring you any benefits. In fact, you're helping Google for free, and once they no longer need your data, they can raise the prices of their services.
At Bidonio, we don't use artificial intelligence or machine learning based on your data. However, we're open to the idea and hope to be able to assist you with artificial intelligence in the future. If we do so, it will be solely for our internal use, and we will adhere to ethical rules to prevent any commercial exploitation by third parties.
It's crucial to realize that everything you post, share, or store online carries a potential risk to your privacy. That's why it's essential to think carefully before sharing anything, considering the possible consequences if one day the security of your data were to be compromised.
We don't believe in unicorns, it's a darn pony !
At Bidonio, evolution will happen the old-fashioned way! Remember a few years back, to become a hairdresser, you started with odd jobs, cutting the hair of friends and family, building your reputation through word of mouth, until you had enough clients to open your own salon. Well, here, it's exactly the same.
We don't need investors or government assistance. The only way to contribute to Bidonio's evolution is by subscribing or offering a subscription to your friends or community. We aspire to build a strong business founded on genuine resources and a crossfunding model, free from the risk of manipulation or shareholder pressure.
Our financial autonomy relies on your direct support, enabling us to prioritize the quality of our services over external financial interests. While this may pose an initial challenge, our ultimate goal is to preserve Bidonio's fundamental philosophy, as evidenced by the content of this page.
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